Beyoncé + WTRMLN WTR


  • LMS facilitated the investment and partnership between Beyoncé and WTRMLN WTR
  • WTRMLN WTR was featured throughout the VIP and hospitality areas for the domestic leg of a Beyoncé tour 350K consumers
  • Over the 3 month partnership with LMS, WTRMLN WTR’s business tripled

Sofia Vergara + EBY

Celebrity Co-Founder:

  • LMS facilitated and executed a co-founding partnership between Sofia Vergara and EBY founder, Renata Black
  • 10% of net sales goes to the Seven Bar Foundation which provides women with microfinancing loans
  • In the first 6 months, through 78 pieces of coverage and 15K social shares, this partnership drove an estimated 7M press impressions

Ellie Goulding + CORE

Celebrity Ambassador:

  • LMS programming contributed to the acquisition of CORE by Keurig Dr Pepper at a purchase price of $525M
  • LMS facilitated and executed the partnership with Ellie Goulding to become the face of the brand and introduce their #TruetotheCore campaign
  • Over the course of the campaign, the CORE brand increased sales to become the #2 domestic premium bottled water in the country
  • Earned media related to the campaign garnered over 300M PR impressions for $2M in PR value
  • Increased CORE social following by 13% and doubled email database
  • Activations generated over 2M social engagements
  • Supported programs at key retailers across the country including: Safeway, Kroger, and Jewel

Jillian Michaels + Thrive Market

Impact Campaign:

  • LMS built marketing partnership with fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels predicated on affiliate and equity compensation
  • Promotion generated by Jillian’s Thrive Market activation generated 60K registrants within 60 days
  • At the height of her promotion, Jillian drove 1,000+M new sign ups daily
  • Jillian was focused on driving awareness around the launch of Thrive’s Food Stamps Campaign, which lobbied to increase access to healthy food purchases made online with food stamps. She participated in an event to support the launch and contributed to the 400M press impressions

Chrissy Teigen + Dang!

Organic Social Media:

  • LMS gifted Dang! snacks to Chrissy Teigen resulting in an unpaid interaction on Twitter, which led to Star Magazine printing a feature on Chrissy’s love for Dang!
  • With the attention brought on by Chrissy’s reaction, Dang! became one of the best selling nutrition bars at Whole Foods Markets nationwide, boasting the #1 spot for unit velocity at 22.3 units/ store/ week in the first quarter of 2019
  • For 5 months following the publicity brought in by Chrissy’s organic tweet, every subsequent promo run by Dang! has seen a 40% sustained lift





Kite Hill

In support of a product launch:

  • 3 month influencer campaign
  • Reached over 350K consumers
  • Aggregated over 8.2K social engagements

Graduate Hotels

LMS facilitated:

  • 87 influencer visits to 8 Graduate Hotel locations...
  • 90% of whom created content, resulting in 109.8K engagements
  • Total potential reach of 1.9M
  • Earned media value (EMV) of over $58.5K social engagements

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media


The New Primal


  • Engagement increased by 6-10x
  • Story impressions now exceed 1 million daily and have an average reach of 1,801 per story
  • The average engagement rate for giveaways reach above 4% - far exceeding the industry standard of 1-2%